Madera Columns

Here’s something new in retaining wall design. This unique wall that has seven different sizes is called Madera. It is hard split and then aged to give it a natural stone effect. Madera can be designed for freestanding or gravity walls – two functions in one. The most unique aspect of this wall is that there are no mechanical connections such as lips or pins – meaning no extra costs or hassles. The pieces range in length from 8” to 36”, and using all the pieces in one wall is like building with LEGO® blocks – fun and creative. This wall will give you more choices than any other on the market-Borgert

Madera Columns are created with blocks that have rockfaces on multiple sides for face exposure. The standard Madera Column is 20″ x 20″ that will complement the Pillar Caps.

*Product is priced per unit.

Column Height

Column height including base layer?

Column Cap

Pillar Caps have a Flat Top or a Sloped Top option.

Pillar Caps come in Smooth Edges or Rockface Edges

None Brown Charcoal Limestone



8″L x 12″D x 6″H

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Iron Range, Minnesota River, North Shore, Sterling Gray


Iron Range

Minnesota River

North Shore

Sterling Gray

Pillar Caps

Pillar Caps come in four styles and three colors.

  • Top: Flat or Sloped
  • Edges: Rockface or Smooth
  • Color: Brown, Charcoal, Limestone

Limestone with Rockface edges and flat top

Brown with smooth edges and sloped top

Pillar Cap Colors