HP Next Gel Jointing Sand

Techniseal® HP NextGel Jointing sand is a state-of-the-art mix of graded sand (ASTM-C144) and binder that ows smoothly down joints for a fast and effective installation of pavers or slabs with false or wide joints. It is also recommended for surfaces exposed to heavy traffic, and for high-humidity areas. NextGel Jointing sand offers great resistance to weed growth, insect invasion, and erosion.-Techniseal



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Installation Information: HP Next Gel Install Guide

Easy to use, NextGel Jointing sand starts to set only a few minutes after being activated with water, and quickly becomes resistant to water erosion (rain, splashes, sprinklers, etc.).

For a 22.7 kg (50lb.) bag: Narrow joints:6 to 11 m2 (60 to 120sq.ft.). Widejoints: 2.3 to 4 m2 (25 to 40 sq.ft.).