Strassen Vavel

Walking on our new paver is like walking the paths and courtyards leading to the century-old castles of Europe. Using Vavel in your backyard or driveway creates the ambiance of medieval times. The Vavel line comes in a larger scale that includes multiple sizes in rich earthy color tones and the tumbling process softens the edges giving the weathered appearance of old stone pavements.-Borgert

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Borders that are laid in “Soldier” are side by side, and “Sailor” is end to end. For example with the 7″ x 14″, Soldier would lay the 14″ sides touching; Sailor would lay the 7″ sides touching.



7″ x 7″

7″ x 14″

14″ x 14″

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Iron Range, Minnesota River, North Shore, Sterling Gray


(A) 3PC, (B) 2PC, (C) 2PC, (D) 3PC, (E)3PC, (F) 3PC, (G) 3PC Random, (H) 2PC, (I) 1pc, (J) 3PC, (K) 2PC, (L) 3PC


(A) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(B) 2Pc
7×7, 14×14

(C) 2PC
7×7, 7×14

(D) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(E) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(F) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(G) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(H) 2PC
7×7, 7×14

(I) 1PC

(J) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(K) 2PC
7×14, 14×14

(L) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14


Iron Range

Minnesota River

North Shore

Sterling Gray