Vavel II

Vavel II is the untumbled version of our Vavel. This paver offers the clean textured surface of stone and clear crisp edges to create a more contemporary look. The rich earthy color tones and multiple sizes will create a patio or driveway that resembles natural stone without the expense. -Borgert

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Borders that are laid in “Soldier” are side by side, and “Sailor” is end to end. For example with the 7″ x 14″, Soldier would lay the 14″ sides touching; Sailor would lay the 7″ sides touching.



7″x 7″

7″ x 14″

14″ x 14″

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Iron Range, Minnesota River, North Shore, Sterling Gray


(A) 3PC, (B) 2PC, (C) 2PC, (D) 3PC, (E)3PC, (F) 3PC, (G) 3PC Random, (H) 2PC, (I) 1pc, (J) 3PC, (K) 2PC, (L) 3PC


*All pattern options are listed below. If the pattern you want is not available for selection on this website please call to receive a quote for your preferred pattern. Call 303-428-0594

(A) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(B) 2Pc
7×7, 14×14

(C) 2PC
7×7, 7×14

(D) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(E) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(F) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(G) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(H) 2PC
7×7, 7×14

(I) 1PC

(J) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14

(K) 2PC
7×14, 14×14

(L) 3PC
7×7, 7×14, 14×14


Iron Range

Minnesota River

North Shore

Sterling Gray