Harington Retaining Combo

The Harington 3-pc retaining wall system evokes the texture and looks of natural stone, making a striking architectural statement. The hand-hewn facing creates a stone-like appearance while the rear lip eliminates setback and alignment issues to speed construction. Available in earth tone colors, these retaining wall units are a reliable, easy-to-install alternative to natural stone walls.-Keystone

* 90-degree corners available for your wall or to make columns and pillars

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Caps will come in the same color as your wall unless otherwise specified.


How Many 90 Degree Corners Do You Need?



  • Combo Small: 6″W x 12″D x 6″H
  • Combo Medium: 12″W x 12″D x 6″H
  • Large: 18″W x 12″D x 6″H

18″W x 9″D x 6″H

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Antique Pewter, Tan Brown, Winter Blend


Combo, 18" Block


Antique Pewter

Tan Brown

Winter Blend

Column / Corner Unit

The Harington Column Corner pieces are universal corners that can also be used to create pillars and columns for your project. See Harington Pillar page.