Morteza Column

Here’s something new in retaining wall design. This unique wall that has seven different sizes is called Morteza, the sister to Madera. It is hard split and not aged to give it a cleaner line. It can be designed for freestanding or gravity walls – two functions in one. The most unique aspect of this wall is that there are no mechanical connections such as lips or pins – meaning no extra costs or hassles. The pieces range in length from 8” to 36”, and using all the pieces in one wall is like building with LEGO® blocks – fun and creative. This wall will give you more choices than any other on the market.-Borgert

Morteza Columns are created with blocks that have rockfaces on multiple sides for face exposure. The standard Morteza Column is 20″ x 20″ that will complement the Pillar Caps.

*Product is priced per unit.

Column Height

Column height including base layer?


Pillar Caps have a Flat Top or a Sloped Top option.

Pillar Caps come in Smooth Edges or Rockface Edges

None Brown Charcoal Limestone



8″L x 12″D x6″H

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Iron Range, Minnesota River, North Shore, Sterling Grey


Iron Range

Minnesota River

North Shore

Sterling Gray

Pillar Caps

Pillar Caps come in four styles and three colors.

  • Top: Flat or Sloped
  • Edges: Rockface or Smooth
  • Color: Brown, Charcoal, Limestone

Flat Top,
Rockface Edges

Sloped Top,
Smooth Edges

Pillar Cap Colors