Allan Block Courtyard Collection

$2.65$8.03 per Square Foot

This versatile system provides unlimited possibilities. No different than the colorful interlocking toy blocks of your past. Create outdoor spaces that are comfortable yet elegant for entertaining. Incorporate custom gates, countertops, natural stone or pavers as beautiful accents for even more style. Illuminate the evening easily by adding lighting to the landscape. Choose between the two textures as well as create a pattern with the different block shapes in your project for a custom look that endures the test of time.-AllanBlock

*Most projects use the Dublin block and the York block for the best efficiency. Estimates may need both units and will be presented as needed. 

*Due to the diverse variety of project possibilities Courtyard is priced per unit piece. 

Total Area (sq. ft.)
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Caps will come in the same color as your wall unless otherwise specified.


How Many 90 Degree Corners Do You Need?



  • Dublin:  16″L x 7″D x 6″H
  • York: 7.5″L & 9″L x 7″D x 6″H


15″ & 15.5″L x 7″D x 6″H

Wall Cap
7″L & 9.25″L x 10″D x 3.5″H

Post Cap
24″L x 12″D x 3″H

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Gray Blend, Red Blend, Tan Blend


Dublin, York, Corner, Wall Cap


Gray Blend

Red Blend

Tan Blend

Allan Block Courtyard Columns

Add columns to any your project space using Courtyard Corners

Courtyard Columns use 4 Corners to create a 23″ column. Courtyard Post Caps are 24″ x 24″


Seating Walls

Seating walls are a great seating option when hosting guests, you can even create a matching firepit.