Cobble Series

Calling to mind the distinctive look and feel of European cobblestones, the Borgert Cobble Series is a beautiful reminder of time since past. An excellent alternative to large, unwieldy concrete slabs, the Cobble Series imparts beauty, texture, color and lasting durability to a wide array of paving projects. The Borgert Cobble Series consists of several unique shapes and a variety of colors, making the number of potential pattern designs virtually unlimited. It is this flexibility which has made the Cobble Series one of the industry’s most popular paving systems.-Borgert

*The Borgert Cobble Circle Kit can vary in size based on your project needs. Sizes vary from a Diameter of  5.6ft – Diameter 31.27ft

*All Circle Kits will be sold with a “Circle Center Pack”  that is priced per center pack and not square footage.

Circle Center Packs will be added to your quote, any questions please call 303-428-0594

Product Price

Circle Kit Diameter

What is the total diameter of your project if using a Circle Kit?

Need a Border?

Borders that are laid in “Soldier” are side by side, and “Sailor” is end to end. For example with the 6″ x 9″, Soldier would lay the 9″ sides touching; Sailor would lay the 6″ sides touching.

All border pieces come in the standard project colors. Borgert offers accent colors in certain sizes, please be aware of your options. Sizes will be assumed from above size selection. All sizes come in the regular Project Colors (see above selection), and 6″ x 6″, 6″ x 9″, and Three Quarter 4″ x 6″ are also available in accent colors Chamois and Charcoal.



3″ x 6″

6″ x 6

6″ x 9″

9″ x 9″

9″ x 12″

Three Quarter
4″ x 6″

Circle Center Pack

Large Circle

Three Quarter
4″ x 6″

Additional information


Autumn Blend, Bronze Granite, Golden Brown, Iron Range, Minnesota River, North Shore, Sterling Gray


(A) 3pc Random, (B) Runing Bond, (C) Basket Weave, (F) 4pc Random, (K) 5pc Random, (N) 4pc, Circle Kit


*All pattern options are listed above. If the pattern you want is not available for selection on this website please call to receive a quote for your preferred pattern. Call 303-428-0594

(A) 3pc Random
3×6, 6×6, 6×9

(B) 2pc Running Bond
6×6, 6×9

(C) Basket Weave
6×6, 6×9

(D) Mixed Runner
3×6, Three Quarter

(E) Running Bond

(F) 4pc Random
3×6, 6×6, 6×9, 9×9

(G) 2pc

(H) 3Pc
6×9, 9×9, 9×12

(I) 3PC

(J) 3PC
6×6, 6×9, 9×9

(K) 5PC Random
3×6, 6×6, 6×9, 9×9, 9×12

(L) 2PC


Autumn Blend

Bronze Granite

Golden Brown

Iron Range

Minesota River

North Shore

Sterling Gray

Accent Colors

Available in sizes 6″x6″, 6″x9″, Three Quarter 4″x6″ Only